Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey – London’s royal church (2 hours)

  • Westminster Abbey is the place of royal coronations and burials
  • As well as monarchs and their consorts, it has over 3000 burials and over 5000 memorials of famous and ordinary people, including
    • writers and poets;
    • scientists and explorers;
    • musicians;
    • monks and saints;
    • politicians;
    • Tomb of the Unknown Warrier
  • Learn the story of Westminster School and its famous pupils
  • It is a superb example of medieval architecture and home to the Order of the Bath, one of the most important and oldests orders of chivalry
  • Westminster Abbey is a treasury of British history, taking you on a journey through 1000 years
  • Come as a tourist or take part in a church service
  • Great shop with books and sourvenirs