Roald Dahl, "Going Solo" talk and workshop

Roald Dahl, Going Solo talk and workshop

Roald Dahl is a favourite author of today’s younger kids. By the time they become teenagers, every English school child is familiar with at least a couple of his classics. Yet, some parents and critics are disconcerted by his wicked sense of humour and grotesque storylines – are they good or bad?

A distinguished RAF pilot, a skilful spy, and, above all, ‘the world’s number one storyteller’, Roald Dahl had a gift to captivate the imagination of his young readers. We will look at his life and career, discuss his works for children and adults and try to work out how he created his very own style, so different from what came before him.

Going Solo is his autobiography, concentrating on his experience as a novice RAF pilot in the Second World War.