Local History Walks and Speciality Tours

Kensal Green Cemetery: Britain’s Most Prestigious Cemetery

The General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, is one of England’s oldest and most beautiful public burial grounds, and certainly its most famous. Among its notable residents are members of the royal family, famous writers, engineers, artists, scientists, doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs and scores of other important and fascinating personalities. Read more ….

Willesden Jewish Cemetery Highlights Tour

The «Rolls Royce» of London Jewish cemeteries, Willesden Jewish Cemetery is the final resting place of many notable members of the community, businessmen, artists, politicians and other fascinating personalities. Our walks bring these colourful characterst to life.


Retail Giants: Heroes and Villains of the High Street in Willesden Jewish Cemetery

Behind every name on today’s high street lies a story: sometimes it’s a single individual with a vision, sometimes a family dynasty, sometimes they rise to great wealth and power from nothing, and sometimes they fall from great heights into bankruptcy.


The Canal Comes to Brent

The canals were the product and the engine of the Industrial Revolution, and ultimately of Britain as the powerhouse of the world in the 19th century. Connecting the centre of trade in London with the industrial Midlands from the end of the 18th century, the 40,000 miles canal system was instrumental in shaping British economy and landscape.


Roundwood Park to Willesden Bus Garage

After a short exploration of this first municipal park in Willesden, we will stroll down Robson Avenue and Pound Lane, revealing the secrets behind the street names and the places of historic interest – past and present.


In and Around Queen’s Park

We will look at the history of the area that we know as Queen’s Park – from the royal beginnings of the famous local park to the artisans and labourers who built the dwellings nearby. The Victorian heritage of the surrounding streets, historic architecture and fascinating personalities who contributed to the development of the area will be revealed through a wealth of historic and current photos, maps and illustrations.


The Welsh Harp: Where History Meets Nature

A waterfront oasis in the heart of Brent, the park surrounding the Welsh Harp reservoir is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Explore the rich history of the reservoir and its flora and fauna, opportunities to connect to nature in your daily life, highlighting recreational opportunities for walks and sports. 


The World Comes to Willesden

Exploring the history of Willesden and how people from all corners of world have shaped the townscape and contributed to the rich ever-changing history of the area. Learn about Willesden’s multi-cultural heritage, covering all aspects of life through the centuries. The talk will be lavishly illustrated with historic images, maps and present day photographs.


Barham Park, Wembley

A beautiful little park in the heart of Wembley, Barham Park is packed with local history, picturesque views, outstanding trees and spectacular flower displays.


Charles Dickens Walk

The London of Charles Dickens is as mysterious and fascinating as his novels. We will walk in the footsteps of Dickens, his family and friends, from his early hardships to the height of his literary brilliance, and read and discuss extracts from his works to accompany us on this journey.