St.Paul’s Cathedral

St.Paul’s is the Cathedral for London, a unique architectural landmark steeped in history (2 hours)

  • St.Paul’s Cathedral has been London’s most important church since 7th century.
  • The present building is nearly 300 years old, and its spectacular dome has become an instantly recognisable London landmark.
  • The greatest masterpiece of England’s most talented architect, Sir Christopher Wren, this is a central point for a tour of London
  • Christopher Wren is buried in St.Paul’s Cathedral, which is also a final resting place for some of England’s greatest artists
  • A functioning church and a museum, it is the place for celebrations of national importance, like the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981, and also the burial place of England’s war heroes, among them Admiral Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.
  • The viewing gallery around the dome offers breathtaking views across London.
  • The famous Whispering Gallery where acoustics travel from one end of the great dome to the other.
  • Come as a tourist or join a regular service with a choir and organ music.