St.Paul’s Cathedral and Southwark

St.Paul’s Catheral retains its majestic dignity, presiding over the City of London, despite the advancement of high rise office buildings. This imposing masterpiece of  English Baroque style is the largest and most famous church in the City, the Cathedral of the Bishop of London and a must for any tourist visiting London.

Designed by London’s most famous architect, Sir Christopher Wren, this building was completed in 1710, after only 35 years in the making. However, with a church on this site going back to 7th century, it epitomises hundreds of years of British history.

  • The only city cathedral in England named after its saint (it is not called London Cathedral)
  • The Place of grand celebrations for Londoners, like the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981;
  • State funerals take place here, such as Admiral Nelson in 1806, Duke of Wellington in 1853 and Winston Churchill in 1965;

St.Paul’s boasts one of the largest Cathedral domes in the world.  As Wren himself said “Beauty through Geometry.”

  • Climb over 111 metres up to the top of St.Paul’s dome for excellent view of London skyline from the viewing gallery

 While remaining an active place of worship with regular services accessible to all, St.Paul’s Cathedral is also a venue for concerts and a unique museum full of  amazing artifacts and fascinating history.