Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is the most romantic castle within an easy reach of London set in breath-takingly beautiful surroundings.

It is approximately 1.5 hours’ drive from London.

  • First built in stone by a Norman baron in 12th century, Leeds Castle brings you 900 years of history in a brilliantly displayed museum.
  • You will see the rooms laid out for English kings and queens during the centuries. From Edward I’s queen Eleanor of Castile and Henry V’s Catherine de Valois to Henry VIII’s legacy, you will be able to take in the atmosphere of the real life of the English royalty in the Middle Ages.
  • In the 17th century Leeds Castle passed into the hands of aristocratic families who transformed the medieval fortress into a comfortable family home. A fascinating display of coats of arms tells the story of heraldry – a ‘shorthand of history’.
  • In 1924 Lady Baillie, an Anglo-American heiress, tranformed the Castle into a fashionable centre for the receptions for leading politicians, ambassadors, foreign royalty and film stars. The parts of the Castle specially built at that time house a superb collection of antique English and European furniture, pictures, porcelain, sculpture, tapestries, carpets and other historic artefacts.
  • From the early Middle Ages Leeds Castle was surrounded by a magnificent park, enhancing the grandeure of the royal residence. Today it covers 500 acres (2 km2) of stunningly landscaped gardens designed to provide perfect photo oppotunities whatever the season. There is also a charming English cottage garden bursting with roses, pinks, lupins, poppies and lad’s love, as well as herbs and exotic blooms creating a profusion of colour and scent
  • The Dog Collar Museum is the only one in the world, also offers a wide range of gifts for canine lovers.
  • But the special treat is reserved for bird fanciers. The aviary is an oasis for rare and exotic birds, including parakeets, parrots, Australian finches, cranes, ibises, toucans and many others, totalling over 100 species.
  • Step a little further along to see an amazing maze of 2,400 yew trees, ending in a misterious Grotto filled with bizarre images made of fossils, shells, minerals and other materials.
  • As well as an unforgettable museum and beautiful park, Leeds Castle is still used as a venue for festivals, concerts and private functions on a government level, with 21 private guest rooms, a golf course and guaranteed privacy.
  • So do not miss an opportunity to plunge yourself into the life of British royalty, the rich and famous of the past and present in an spectacular atmosphere of a true English castle!