Greenwich, the birthplace of Time

Greenwich is a historic London suburb famous for the Greenwich Meridian Line, the Royal Observatory and its maritime associations.
It is approximately 1 hour’s journey from Central London. You will see:

  • The Greenwich Meridian Line – 0° longitude, where West meets East. You will have a chance to stand on the actual line, with one foot in the Western Hemosphere and one in the Eastern Hemosphere – and take a picture!
  • The Royal Observatory traces the history of mapping the skies, the solution of longitude problem and the establishment of International Time Zones.
  • Camera Obscura, telescopes, chronometers, measuring standards – from the very first ones to modern day.
    Greenwich has been home to kings and queens through the ages. It is the birthplace of Henry VIII and his famous daughters Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth I. From Henry VIII’s 16th century Tudor palace to baroque grandeur of Naval Hospital buildings designed by Sir Christpher Wren, the creator of London’s St.Paul’s Cathedral, Greenwich is steeped in royal intrigue and splendour.
  • The National Maritime Museum offers a collection 2 million items covering each aspect of British Maritime history, from royal barges to ocean lines, from Elizabethan priates/explorers to Admiral Nelson, with a special exhibition and programme of events marking the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005.
  • Cutty Sark is the world famous Tea Clipper build in 1869. She ran the tea races and later would make it to Australia and back in 80 days. Today the Cutty Sark stands proudly on the Greenwich quay, impressing visitors with its tall masts and sails which, if unfolded, could cover the area of 10 tennis courts.
  • All these attractions are set within an easy walking distance of each other and close to the magnificent Greenwich Park, 180 acres of 18th century landscaped grounds surrounded by quaint English cottages. As well as the Royal Observatory, you will find here the Werner Collection, an exhibition of fine and decorative Renaissance art in the Ranger’s House nearby.
  • The views from the top part of the park offer breathtaking photo opportunities: the Thames, new Canary Wharf business development featuring the tallest building in London, the Millenium Dome and much more!
  • Greenwich offers excellent shopping opportunities. If you are visiting on Thursday – Sunday, the Greenwich market will be open for a wide range of antiques, hand crafted items, art work, unique gifts and crafting trends. A wide ranging selection of cafes and restaurants will offer you a pleasant and well – earned rest from all the history and shopping in this remarkable London suburb!