Potty Morris & Folk Festival

The weekend of 1 -2 July 2017 saw the little Norfolk Town of Sheringham bustling with folk dance performances.

It all started in the 1990s, when the local Morris Dance group the Sheringham Lobster Potties started an annual festival with just a few visiting sides (a Morris dance group is called a ‘side’).

The Lobster Potties started in the 1980s and performed the traditional Norfolk Morris style around the UK and Europe. They chose the Lobster Pub as their headquarters, and as Morris dancing is considered by some as ‘potty’, the choice of the name was obvious!

In 2013 the Lobster Potties disbanded due to the lack of dancers, but a committee was formed to run the festival.

This 24th festival featured 40 folk dance sides, showcasing different styles and parts of the country in many locations around the town. The festivities kicked off on the Saturday morning with a parade of all the sides dancing through the town, with the captive audience lining up the streets.

Then groups moved from one location to another, each side taking it in turn to dance.

The festival culminated in  the mass show in the main arena – the square in the town centre, with all the sides performing one dance for the final time.

Splendid time was guaranteed for all!

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